Arabic language for Teenagers

 Level: intermediate

Course instructor. Rama Atamaz Al-Sibai

In this session, we will present the following themes

Basic concepts

Learn about the different forms of Arabic letters and practice writing them correctly. The initial acquisition of spelling skill by recognizing the concepts of diacritics and lengthening and applying them with letters. Spelling through continuous training. Our goal here will be to understand the composition of words and the skill of analyzing and connecting them.

Additional concepts

Learn the basic principles of grammar in a simple way such as the concepts of demonstrative pronouns , pronouns, etc. Increase the linguistic outcome of the youth by practicing on spelling important words such as days, weather, colors, numbers and many more. Get the word reading and writing stage to a very good level.

Conditons and Commitment

At the beginning of this course there will be a placement test. Joining this level requies perfect accurate knowledge all Arabic letters in their basic form , as well as knowledge of the concepts of diacritics at a minimum

 You must commit to attending at least 70% of the course hours in order to be able to move to the next level.


Students' progress will be followed by teachers through special groups to ensure maximum benefit.

 All the themes of the course will be presented in a variety of distinctive ways that draw the attention of the learner with the latest educational methods.

Course information


Duration: 3 months

 Hours: 36 hours

 Level: intermediate 

Age: 9 - 12 years 

Number of students: 8-10

 Connect via Zoom program

Available times

Three days a week

 Monday, Tuesday and Thursday

 Duration: 60 minutes 

Start date: 5/10/2020

Registration fees



  59.99 $ 

 There is a discount for relatives when filling out the registration form

  49.99 $ Only for each student

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