Distance Education Methods

Teaching methods have varied and changed significantly from direct education to distance learning. This change, in its turn, required modern alternatives and distinctive methods used by the teacher to attract the attention of the learners and to keep them away from the circle of boredom and repetition, especially after the absence of teacher's role that is interacting intellectually and physically with the learners to keep the ideas locked in the electronic screen. But as the need to develop distance learning methods increases, many people in this field are seeking to create new and modern methods and plans for the Qqdelivery of educational material. The needs of children's lessons are different from those of adult simulating lessons. One of these common needs: Providing equipment for virtual classrooms that contribute significantly to the effectiveness of these meetings. The teacher's ability to organize and adjust virtual classrooms and to be familiar with strategies for dividing meeting times in an organized manner. Creating an atmosphere of familiarity and interaction between learners to serve the material provided Use educational tools to attract the attention of the learner, big or small, to support the delivery of the required ideas. In the end, the teacher's personality, style and tools play a major role in completing the educational process remotely.

 Edited on: 2/7/2020


Quarantine and the future of education

The recent trend in education is taking on new grants, from the development of teaching methods to changing the format of educational lessons. Until the Corona pandemic and quarantine commitment come to enable these methods on the ground. Therefore, most of the data indicate the orientation of education in the near future to the method of distance learning, even many countries have been keen to follow school education through television channels, which is a form of distance education. The various forms of distance learning have opened a window for the educated public to form new relationships and friendships through these meetings as they have become the largest space that fills their time. It is ,therefore, necessary to work and strive to be more open to the methods of distance learning to serve the educational process in the future.

Edited by: 4/7/2020