French language for Adolescents

Course instructor. Riwa Darwish 

 In this session, we will present the following themes

Basic concepts

Correct pronunciation : By training children to pronounce the alphabet accurately and correctly. 

 The grammar of the language:  In proportion to children's abilities, which will be the basic building block in conversation training. 

 Increasing linguistic output : It is one of the very important basics that we will work on by providing a lot of important vocabulary including numbers, days of the week, months, important adjectives, common names and colors.

Additional concepts

Conversation : Our goal will be to train the child to identify himself/herself and answer common questions by strengthening his/her listening skills. 

 Writing : By offering the correct sentence writing methods in French language.


You must be obliged to attend at least 70% of course hours in order to be able to register at the next level.


Students' progress will be followed by teachers through special groups to ensure maximum benefit.

Course information


Duration: 4 weeks 

Hours: 12 hours

 Level: Beginner

 Age: starting from 16 years 

Number of students: 15 

Connect via Zoom program

Available times

Three days a week

 Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday 

Duration: 60 minutes

Start date: 4/10/2020

Registration fees



  99.99 $ 

There is a discount for relatives when filling out the registration form

  74.99 $ Only for each student

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