Stories from the Biography of the Prophet

Course instructor. Nasrin Al-Tabaa

In this session, we will present the following themes

Basic concepts

 Learn about the biography of the Prophet , may Allah bless him and grant him peace, in childhood and the meccan stage of the call. Learn about of the companions in the stage of Meccan da’wah

Additional concepts

Talk about the civil phase and stories about the youth and girls of Ansar. Learn about the most important positions from the biography of the Messenger, peace be upon him.

Course information


Duration: 8 weeks

  Hours: 16 hours 

Age: 9-12 

Number of students: 8 - 12

 Connect via Zoom program

Course language : Arabic

Available times

 Two days a week

 Saturday and Tuesday 

Duration: 60 minutes

 Start date: 3/10/2020

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49.99 $ 

There is a discount for relatives when filling out the registration form

  39.99 $ Only for each student

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