Terms and conditions

This document specifies the general terms and conditions regarding the use of the platform and the rights and obligations of the parties to the convention in relation to the services provided. It is necessary for those who want to register on the platform to read these terms and accept them. When filling out the registration form, the student must to confirm that he/she has agreed to these terms and conditions by placing a mark in the designated place in the registration form and this approval is tantamount to complying with the terms and conditions.   

Students can register on the platform using a specific email address and phone number. The email address and phone number are linked to the student's account, which is how the student is identified. This information will be used in all correspondence related to the provision of services. 

 The student fills out the registration form available on the website, so the following information must be provided: personal information about employees, sex, nationality, country of residence, current country of residence, email address, telephone number and information about the study stage and then approval of the terms and conditions, privacy policy and recovery policy. The one who fills out the registration form must be over the age of 18. For the child, his form is filled out by the guardian taking into account the child's consent.

The student will browse the courses and select the course he/she wants to take and then fill out the registration form to pay the course fees. 

The courses at Kawkaba platform are offered interactively between the student and the teacher in the form of groups divided according to ages and levels. The session duration is 60 minutes via Zoom program. Lessons and assignments between teacher and student will be also persued through special groups. Learning sessions require the student to provide the right environment and basic technical requirements. If the student is 4-7 years old, it is preferable to have a parent next to the child to provide support and encouragement while attending classes. Kawkaba platform has the right to record educational sessions and use these recordings to serve the work of the platform as examples of such uses: evaluating session's quality , evaluating the performance of the teacher,and posting some recordings on the platform's website or on the platform's social media accounts. The student must be ready at the specified session time. The official holidays in Kawkab Platform are the holidays of Eid al-Fitr, which lasts 3 days and Eid al-Adha 4 days. Kawkaba platform is not responsible for compensating the student's educational sessions in case of absence. 

The student's communication with the teacher is only by texting him/her through the groups assigned to the course If there are any feedback or complaints to the student about the teacher, the communication will be with the management of the platform. 

If you are provided with a user name, password or other private information, we guarantee your privacy. The platform also has the right to use all this information within its scope. You should only treat this information as confidential , and accordingly it is prohibited to disclose it to anyone else.

Kawkaba platform has all the intellectual property rights to its site and brand content. All these rights are reserved and protected. The name, brand or content of the site may not be used without particular permission.

Kawkaba platform strives to provide its services with the best quality and always seeks to develop and solve the problems of students by listenig to their suggestions and meeting their needs within the available possibilities. The student has the right to complain about the service provided by the platform and to make suggestions for improving and developing the work system . This complaint must include the student information and a description of the situation that caused the complaint and suggestions to solve this problem if possible.

The student has the right to terminate the relationship and stop taking advantage of the platform services at any time without giving any reason if he/she so desires . He/she also has the right to request the removal of his/her personal information from the Kawkab Platform data.

We may amend the terms and conditions at any time for reasons related to changes in the system, technical developments in the platform or other reasons that Kawkab platform finds important, so please review these terms and conditions permanently. Changes and clarifications will take effect as soon as they are posted on the website. If we make substantial changes to these terms and conditions, the platform management will contact the student via email to be aware of this amendment. A student who does not accept these amendments to the terms and conditions has the right to terminate the relationship with the platform

To contact us via email : KAWKABA.ONLINE@gmail.com 

Last edited on 1/7/2020