Turkish language for Adolescents

Course instructor. Asmaa Hammoud

In this session, we will present the following themes:

Basic concepts

 Listen and learn :  Our goal will be to strengthen understanding of The Turkish language through movies, stories and songs.

 Read to understand :  In this section, we will seek to teach reading so that the learner is eligible to read any sentence he/she encounters in Turkish. Here we will rely on texts taken from ancient Turkish stories related to their customs and traditions, as well as stories on which some examples were built and many more.

Additional concepts

Translation : Our plan is not only based on understanding the language, but we will work to provide the basis for the correct translation, through training in translating sentences in the right way and meaning. After the course, the learner will be able to improve his/her chances of finding the appropriate job.


You must be obliged to attend at least 70% of course hours in order to be able to register at the next level


Students' progress will be followed by teachers through special groups to ensure maximum benefit.

Course information


Duration: 3 months 

Hours: 36 hours

 Level: Beginner

 Age: Starting from 16 

 Number of students: 15 

Connect via Zoom program

Available times

Two days a week

 Saturday and Sunday

 Duration: 90 minutes

Start date: 3/10/2020

Registration fees



  25.99 $ 

There is a discount for relatives when filling out the registration form.

  22.99 $ Only for each student

Registration form

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