Al Qaeda Al Noraniyah 

Level 1 

Course instructor. Fatima Al-Dalati

In this session, we will present the following themes

Basic concepts

The course of Al Qaeda al noraniyah into two consecutive levels, starting with simple concepts and ending with reaching the stage of mastery.

The main themes in each level will be as follows:

 Correct pronunciation of Arabic letters and how to connect the letters with each other.

 Learn diacritics and positions of emphasis all in a progressive scientific manner.

 Correct articulation of sound and give each letter Correct the exits of the letters and give each letter what it deserves.

 Preparing for reading by practicing the spelling of vocabulary and compositions in the Holy Quran.

 We will seek to provide the most important and indispensable Articulation in the reading the Holy Quran in a practical and easy way without going into theoretical judgments.

About Al-Qaeda al-Noranian

The Noranian way is one of the great sciences related to the Holy Quran. In addition, it is defined as the method used to teach Arabic for all ages, and the Noranic method depends on setting forth parables from the verses of the Holy Quran During education .

The scientific benefit of learning al Qaeda al Noraniyah :

-Identify each of the letters of the Holy Quran It helps to develop articulation of sound, and gives each letter what it deserves.

-Learn most important intonation provisions.

-Facilitate the preservation of the Holy Quran with the least effort.

-Those who master this rule can read the Qur'an with spell without any difficulty.


You must be obliged to attend at least 70% of the course hours in order to be able to register at the next level.


 Students' progress will be followed by teachers through special groups to ensure maximum benefit

Course information


Duration: 10 weeks

 Hours: 20 hours

 Level: 1

 Number of students: 6

 Age: For women aged 18 years and over

For girls from 11 to 17 years old

course language : Arabic

Available times

 Two days a week

Saturday and Tuesday

Monday and Wednesday

Duration: 60 minutes

Start date: 26/9/2020

 Connect via Zoom program

Registration fees

$ 4.37



 34.99 $ 

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