Common Question

How can I regist in courses via the Kawkaba platform?

To join Kawkaba Platform courses, you must first fill out the registration form , choose the course you wish to join and then you will pay the fees for each course and a registered e-mail will be sent confirming the payment process.

How can I start attending my course?

After completing the fees payment process, course details will be sent as well as the username and password of the link that you will use to access the sessions of the course you joined via email registered on the platform.

Can I communicate with the teacher outside of the course time ?

Certainly the phone number that has been placed on the registration form will be added to groups to follow up with your teacher.

Can I cancel my registration and refund my money after registering for the course and paying the fee?

Yes, you can, but only on the condition that the number of sessions joined does not exceed two sessions in accordance with the platform's recovery policy.

How can I join the teaching team at Kawkaba Platform?

You can join the teaching team at Kawkaba Platform by filling out the teaching form with us and complying with all the requirements.

Is it possible for my children to get bored during the courses?

All courses offered to children under the age of 15 will be presented in a distinctive and special way , as Kawkaba platform is based on the delivery educational materials and concepts for each course to the child without feeling the weight of the educational process.

Being the parent of the child , do I have any tasks during the sessions?

We certainly hope that all parents of children under the age of 10 will be committed to staying with their children during the educational process to provide support and encouragement during the session time and to contribute with the teacher to attract the child's focus towards the educational material and ensure that it is not dispersed.

Are there any steps required to prepare before class?

Ensure your internet safety. Make sure that the technical tools work before starting the lesson from a computer or mobile, headphones and microphones. Ensure the calm and appropriate atmosphere as much as possible. For children: having a parent next to the child to provide support and encouragement. Meeting the child's needs for food, drink and sleep to ensure his psychological well-being.